Become Virtually Invisible

Jake Jacobsen can help you set up your personal and business structure the right way!

What is Virtual Invisibility?

For over thirty years, Jake has been helping his clients maintain virtual invisibility.

Virtual Invisibility is setting yourself up to accomplish the following things:

1 - Protection 

2 - Best business practices 

3 - Compliance 

4 - Tax strategies 

So let's say you want to start a business in the US… Jake can help you do that to maximize your earning potential… Jake sets up the structure correctly.

Jake also has top notch people that you need at the push of a button. When it comes to taxation, Jake has a top notch tax person that works with his clientele, so just know we don't handle your money and you taxes, we just give you the perfect platform to set you up correctly so that you can thrive… invisibly!

Get your free consultation and see how Jake can help you prosper!

Lawrence “Jake” Jacobsen, has decades of professional legal and business administrative knowledge.
While utilizing his extensive professional legal experience, Jake helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and real estate investors reach and achieve their goals.
Over the years he was active in both civil and criminal litigations, to include: appeals work, bankruptcy filings, contract creation, contractual negotiations.
But in the later years his focus has been on protective business and defensive personal structuring and planning, as well as real property transactions.
He has represented everyone from pro bono assistance to Fortune 100 clients. Jake has a passion for the details, the contracts and paperwork that every legitimate organization needs to protect themselves and prosper in today’s “sue happy” world.
Whether speaking on stage, being interviewed in the media, or advising business leaders, Jake can be found helping people just like you, excel in their business by creating a solid foundation on which to build their  business aspirations and making their personal dreams become a financial reality!

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